Web Native Experience

Users Demand Applications That Work Fast on Any Device

Users Demand Applications That Work Fast on Any Device

Reduce Login Time to Seconds

Users can get to work immediately because GO-Global loads only what’s needed to initiate a user session. With no waiting at start-up, your app becomes a source of value instead of annoyance.

Show Users Your Logo, Not RDS’ or Citrix’

Put your brand front and center every time someone uses your application. Remove distractions and let users know it’s your company that’s delivering value.

Let Users Print to Any Printer

Users don’t need to manually associate printer drivers to individual user profiles or continually check on updates. Remove frustration and help users stay productive.

Works on Any Device

Windows and Mac computers. iOS and Android phones. All major browsers supported.

Make Your Application Look and Feel Like a Native Web App, with GO-Global

If you want to compete and win against the best web apps, you have to level the playing field.

Deliver only your application - not a full desktop

Give users an app that loads quickly, on any device

Cut license and management costs by 40-70%