License Maintenance

Presoft (M) Sdn Bhd provides License Maintenance Service as part of the software warranty by GraphOn under the License Agreement. The license maintenance allow customers to budget anually to receive technical support and software upgrades for GO-Global products.

License Maintenance

During the term of maintenance, subscribers are eligible to receive certain software updates which includes critical bug fixes, security patches, and maintenance patches. License Maintenance is crucial for the following issues:

  • License Rehost
  • Add more licensed users
  • Merge multiple license files
  • Any other changes to the license file
License Rehost Policy

License Rehost is required under the following circumstances:

  • Changing GO-Global Host to a new host
  • Changing NIC (Network Interface Card)

License covered by the maintenance service may be rehost four (4) times during each one-year subscription period. Additional rehosts within a one-year subscription period will require a payment of 25% of the original license fee. When a rehosted license is placed into service, previous versions of the license may no longer be used.

Terms and Conditions

  1. License Maintenance Service must be purchased with each Host License and Portal License. The first year maintenance service will start from the date of license activation. The License Maintenance Service is optional for subsequent years, but must be purchased annually so long as the service is desired. For the following years, an annual fee is charged per licensed user and must be purchased for all host and portal licenses. Customer must renew the maintenance service on or before the maintenance service expired and the payment must be received before that to avoid any penalty fee. Customers are responsible of knowing the expiry date of their licenses.
  2. Should the client request a service without the maintenance contract, additional penalty fee is applied based on number of licensed user and the period without license maintenance calculated from the date since license activation.
  3. The License Maintenance Service is non-transferable.
  4. Presoft (M) Sdn Bhd reserves the right to terminate the Maintenance Service under certain circumstances and without any prior notice any time. Cause of such termination shall include, but not limited to issues identified in section 4 below.

Grounds for Termination of Service by GraphOn

Presoft (M) Sdn Bhd reserves the right to terminate the Maintenance Service on the following grounds:

  • If modifications are made to the Software that compromise GraphOn’s ability to support it.
  • If tools, commands or other methods of program configuration are used that are not specifically provided by GraphOn or recommended by GraphOn technical support.
  • If the connection to the Software is closed down or not made available to GraphOn technical support.
  • If changes are made to any software included with the Software, including, but not limited to altering the versions of OS or any other supporting libraries or packages.
  • If additional kernel modules are installed or alternations are made to the operating system.
  • At GraphOn’s discretion, if a customer or a customer’s representative acts in an abusive or otherwise inappropriate manner, or if a customer’s technical environment is considered otherwise unsupportive.

License Maintenance Service Renewal

Please contact our GO-Global Sales Rep for any enquiry regarding the Maintenance Service or renewal.