Mobile Clients

From 2011, we has initiated an aggressive strategy to allow easy delivery of applications from legacy desktop operating systems to popular smartphones and tablets platform. This means you all will get to access those previously developed Windows, UNIX and Linux applications on these mobile devices soon.

As smartphones and tablets are gradually replacing end-users desktop PCs, delivering an application to these mobile devices with smaller touch screens while still retaining the highest possible degree of usability will be a complex challenge. These mobile clients will be more than up to the task and they will publish applications with a level of usability to applications written specifically for such devices.

GO-Global iOS Client

GO-Global iOS Client provides great usability for viewing and interacting with Windows, Linux and UNIX applications on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Using only your fingers, you can interact with your favorite applications with it. It will be a perfect blend of rich functionality, usability, and portability which many users have been looking for.

In order to access Windows applications on your iOS device, first purchase a licensed GO-Global Windows Host 4 software. The GO-Global iOS client is a free application available to be download from the Apple App Store. To evaluate GO-Global iOS Client without installing GO-Global Windows Host, simply download the GO-Global iOS Client and connect to our demo server to interact with popular Windows programs.

GO-Global Android Client

GO-Global Android Client is now available to let you access and interact with Windows applications from your Android-powered tablet.

GO-Global Android client is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play.

Auto-Zoom Feature

Auto-Zoom in GO-Global iPad and GO-Global Android is the most valuable feature for different screen sizes and touch screens. At any given moment, it will detect the active section of the screen and automatically zoom in on that area.

Other GO-Global Mobile Clients

GO-Global also provides Windows CE client and Pocket PC client for use with GO-Global Windows Host 4. For more information please refer to the Administrator Guide for GO-Global Windows Host 4.