Linux and UNIX

GO-Global UNIX 2.2 is a server-based, thin-client solution that publishes your UNIX and Linux applications to the internet while retaining all of their features, functionality and branding. Using a browser plug-in or a tiny native client, access to your Linux/UNIX applications will be available anywhere, anytime regardless of platform or operating system.

GO-Global UNIX 2.2 Features

  • Provides UNIX and Linux application access from virtually any platform
  • Server-centric solution with near zero-footprint clients.
  • Retains 100% of the application’s features, functions, and branding
  • High performance, patented RXP protocol over low-bandwidth connections.
  • Strong authentication and security, including proxy tunneling and encryption (56-bit DES standard, 256-bit AES optional).
  • Complete cross-platform compatibility.
  • Session reconnect.
  • 24-bit color support.
  • Client printing and file access.
  • XML-based sharable database.
  • Support for PAM modules.
  • Highly scalable.